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Curtis loses two in house fire

The Curtis community is reeling from an unthinkable loss.

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Gearing up for Census 2020

Gearing up for Census 2020

Every ten years, the Constitution of the United States says that there has to be an enumeration of all the persons living in the United States, a census. The census is in the Constitution because in order to allocate Representatives to the U.S. House of...

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Behind the stripes

Christopher Wendt is a 2015 graduate of Newberry High School. A former All U.P. Football player for Indians, Wendt also played basketball.

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New interactive map highlights Great Lakes shipwrecks

The cold, fresh waters of the Great Lakes are literally littered with shipwrecks – pieces of history capturing chapters of a time when transport by water was as important as transport by land. Some, like the Syracuse, recall the Great Lakes’ sailing heyday when goods...

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